Derrick Sekuterski, Depew

Photo from The Buffalo News

By Joe Konze Jr.

Derrick Sekuterski never wastes time.

When he isn’t out on the football field running routes and finding a seam in opposing teams’ defenses, he’s finding an opening in the lane for a layup.

Give him an assignment on the field and he won’t leave until he’s satisfied with the outcome.

Give him a basketball and a hoop and he’ll find a way to leave a better player than when he entered the gym.

His eyes are never on the clock watching the minutes tick away – there’s no time for that.

He’s all about business.

Sekuterski, a senior two-sport athlete at Depew High School, is the driving force behind the Wildcats basketball team.

On the gridiron, as a wide receiver, Sekuturski helped lead the Wildcats to a 9-4 overall record, a Class B-1 sectional championship and an appearance in the state semifinals – a game that Depew would lose 35-13 to Maine-Endwell.

His leadership will be needed on the hardwood as Depew looks to have as successful of a season on the basketball court as he did on the football field.

“[The team talks] all the time about how [basketball] is a hard game but it is a team game,” Sekuturski said. “And it takes all 10 of us to work hard every minute in the gym and outside the gym and in the weight room to be the best that we can.”

This season the Wildcats return three experienced starters, Sekuterski, Mike Lamb and Steve Kaspraczk.

Last season, Sekuterski played in all 20 games for Depew averaging 14.2 points per game while collecting 138 rebounds and 56 assists on a team that finished with an overall record of 12-8.

“He’s just a tireless-working-type of kid that when he leaves your program you [won’t] know how much you’ll miss him when [he’s] gone,” said head coach Larry Jones.

Lamb and Kaspraczk added a big presence in the paint for the Wildcats last season.

Lamb snagged 116 rebounds and 21 blocks and averaged 8.5 points per game while Kaspraczk added 42 blocks.

After making it to the quarterfinals last season – which ended in a loss at Lackawanna, 76-57 – the formula for improvement is no different than in years’ past, Jones said.

“There’s just a tradition of success and we’re trying to build on that,” Jones said. “The guys know that when we start out program in the summer they know what the goal is; to always end up at [Buffalo State] for the league championship.”

As the Wildcats get closer to the season opener and the minutes tick off the clock, Sekuterski will be making every moment count in his senior season.

“If I can have trust in others and they can have trust in me and I can be loyal to them and I can respect them, then hopefully it will help us be able to achieve more goals than we have in the future,” Sekutrski said.

The Wildcats tip off Dec. 4 at Daemen College against Cheektowaga; the game is set for 8:45 p.m.


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