Annie Campion, Jamestown

Photo from Jamestown Post-Journal

By Stephanie Beuther

Annie Campion was in the seventh grade when she was first called up to play varsity basketball. Campion, a junior, is the shooting guard for the Jamestown Red Raiders women’s basketball team.

“Seventh grade year was pretty exciting, yet nerve wracking,” Campion said. “It was intimidating playing against girls much older than myself, but as the season went on my teammates and coach helped me gain confidence.”

In order for Campion to make the cut for the varsity team, she had to pass the physical tests like running, shooting, passing and dribbling.

“It was not long for [Campion] to emerge as a leader, she listens well and is a good person as well as a good student,” said coach Anderson.

Campion was named to second team All-Region as a sophomore, but is looking to dominate the game of basketball in her last two years as a Red Raider.

At the end of her sophomore year, she has put herself on track to break the school record for number of career three-pointers. She is currently ranked second in career three made at Jamestown and hopes to see her name retired in the McElrath gym rafters.

“I’ve made over 100 threes in my career and this year I’m trying to score my 1,000th point to break the record,” Campion said.

There is no off-season for Campion; she works hard during summer recess and takes that time to polish her skills.

“Over the past summer I went to the JHS Boys Commit to Success morning workouts and I also traveled to many different tournaments,” Campion said.

Campion does not only score baskets for the Red Raiders, she also excels in the classroom, as she ranks No. 2 overall in her class rank.

“She is very focused academically and is one of the most knowledgeable players on the team. She knows the game well and is always looking to improve some aspect towards her game,” Anderson said.

Campion is the younger sister of 2011 grad Joey and 2013 All-WNY guard Tommy, who both played for the Red Raiders as well. She gained her knowledge for the game by watching them play.

“Both my brothers are currently playing basketball in college and are always helping me get better. My dad also played in high school and he always has advice for me to get better,” Campion said.

Campion values her family as well as her teammates; she can lean on them whenever she needs support.

“I have been playing with the same girls since the fifth grade and we are like sisters. After a win we usually celebrate with a lot of singing, cheering and dancing,” Campion said.

Campion and her teammates are looking to excel even more this year because of the team chemistry and maturity they have created.

High school will not be the end of Campion’s basketball career. She is looking to pursue her dreams by taking her basketball talent to Boston College.


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